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Reverse Your Biological Age

Here at Epic Genetics we do precision wellness coaching using DNA testing, giving advice tailored to your genes! Control your gene expression (epigenetics) to improve your health, aging and vitality. An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure!

Explaining epigenetics in one minute

What's included with our Muhdo Health Tests?

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Epigenetic Testing

Typical client issues:

Compare with our more advanced TruAge Complete Test.

  • Corporate burnout or general fatigue

  • Sleep issues

  • Stress or low mood

  • Weight control 

  • Wrinkles

  • Joint pains

  • Sports performance

  • Gut issues

Fully insured and certified practitioner with Muhdo Health and TruDiagnostic.

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The Process of Testing and Coaching (Muhdo Health)

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Case Studies

Areas of Expertise

  • DNA and epigenetic testing using Muhdo Helath and TruDiagnostic.

  • Health and nutrition consultations.

  • Supplement advice.

  • Microbiome testing.

  • Blood testing.

  • Anti-aging (epigenetic age reversal)


By providing a saliva sample, we discover what is optimal for your DNA in many different areas including: nutrition, sleep, mood and stress management, environmental exposures, energy management, and the ideal way to exercise and strengthen your body.


This plan builds the resilience that will support not just your lifestyle, but your health for many years to come. 

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Vanessa Cazorla-Fernandez
Marketing Director

We are a couple run company situated in the leafy London suburb of Shepperton. We cater for both for clients both UK and worldwide, who want the personalised feeling of human advice with genetic testing. It is advisable to have an epigenetic coach to interpret the complex data provided by our partners Muhdo Health, TruDiagnostic and Enbiosis. 

Here at Epic Genetics our vision is to make healthspan accessible to everyone. Therefore our income is predominantly from our tailored advice rather than recommending supplements for profit. How often you want testing/coaching is up to you!

Tony Pemberton Epic Genetics
Tony Pemberton
Anti-Aging Practitioner

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Contact Us

For further information on services or press enquiries. 

Tony Pemberton Epic Genetics

Epic Genetics Limited

111 Watersplash Road

Shepperton, Surrey

TW17 0EE

Tel: 01932 241006

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Muhdo Health
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