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Collecting Your Blood Sample.


The Tasso+, self-collection device makes it quick and easy to independently draw a small blood sample at home, without the stress or circulation issues of a fingertip draw.


Both of our TruAge test kits require a blood sample to analyze various age-related biomarkers. Each kit comes with all materials needed to complete an at-home, blood sample collection. Several  lancets (a small finger-pricking tool) are included in each TruAge kit. However, patients who are squeamish or uncomfortable with that extraction option can purchase a Tasso+ device, which attaches to the bicep-facing, upper section of the arm for minimal patient involvement in the blood collection process. 


The Tasso+ is intended to be an alternative, blood collection method for TruAge COMPLETE and TruAge PACE kits. Purchasing a Tasso+ device does not equate to purchasing a TruAge test kit, and does not include the information necessary to register your blood sample when purchased alone. 

Tasso+ Blood Collection Device

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