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About Us

We are a couple run company situated in the leafy London suburb of Shepperton. We cater for both for clients both UK and worldwide, who want the personalised feeling of human advice with genetic testing. It is advisable to have an epigenetic coach to interpret the complex data provided by our partners Muhdo Health, TruDiagnostic and Enbiosis. 

Here at Epic Genetics our vision is to make healthspan accessible to everyone. Therefore our income is predominantly from our tailored advice, rather than recommending supplements for profit. How often you want testing/coaching is up to you!


1. Why do epigenetics coaching?

DNA testing has become popular in the last few years, to learn about your ancestry. But using this information to improve your health & vitality really needs a human touch rather than an algorithm.

2. Is epigenetics coaching expensive?

The DNA part of the test is a once in a lifetime cost. Testing your epigenetics can give health insight for years after, so even if you are able only to afford infrequent testing, you can still get many of health benefits. The core elements of epigenetic optimisation are either diet related or free!

3. What is the process?

A saliva test will be posted to you for the Muhdo Health test. The TruDiagnostic test instead requires a few drops of blood on a spot, and the Enbiosis microbiome needs a stool sample.  Once returned in the pre-paid envelope (Muhdo only), it can take up to six to eight weeks to get the results back. When the results become available, a consultation will take place, either online or in person.

4. Who does the testing?

We are a licensed reseller for Muhdo Health, who were the first company in the world to offer commercial epigenetic testing.

5. Do you take international clients?

Yes the DNA test kits can be posted anywhere. Muhdo Health reimburse up to $10 for shipping back to the UK. 

6. How secure is my data?

All our customers’ genetic data is triple locked. First our customers are anonymous to us in the database. Each customer is given a unique ID number, it is only with this code that the customer can unlock the data and have it displayed on their private mobile app. Secondly all customer data is encrypted throughout the data journey. So if anyone were to capture our data it would be both anonymous and encrypted. Thirdly we store customer genetic data on secure AWS servers. Finally, we are compliant with the highly stringent European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


  • Your diet macros based on your genes and goals

  • Supplements that genetically work for you

  • Risks of diseases like dementia, diabetes, cancer, depression, heart disease, brittle bones or gut issues

  • Your biological age and ways to reverse it

  • Diet intolerances or vitamin deficiency risks

  • Skin aging risks

  • Athletic performance

Plus many more!​

Tony Pemberton FdENG 
Certified Epigenetics Coach

Founded by Tony Pemberton in 2021. This followed a long career in building design engineering. The long, sedentary hours in front of a desk took their toll on his health metrics. By discovering epigenetics, he was able to stop taking medication for ADHD & depression. Leading by example, Tony has greatly reversed his own biological age.

Certified through Epigenetic Coaching and London South Bank University.

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My Approach
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