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Cognitive Decline

This client was without doubt vulnerable to general cognitive decline and even Alzheimer's carrying one copy of the APOE 4 gene. As we discovered that her brain DNA age was 4.6 years older than her chronological age.

She had an average sleep during of 5:26 hours, yet genetically needed more. This sleep deprivation was reflected in her inflammation score. Her fasting blood sugar level wasn't isn't in the ideal range either, often being under-slept can cause this.

We've since:

  • Improved her circadian rhythm through light exposure.

  • Lowered blood glucose with Berberine.

  • Lowered vegetable oil intake & improved omega 3 intake.

  • Increased variety of diet with more vegetables.

  • Increased Choline intake.

  • Increased exercise & new hobbies.

  • Lowered alcohol consumption.

  • Increased her heart rate variability with a grounding mat.

  • Stopped caffeine after 3pm.

With exception of the supplement Berberine, these are all what we classify as stage 1 recommendations (lifestyle), being fundamental to improving wellness.



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