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Regular Colds

This client described suffering from colds almost on a monthly basis during the winter months.

@muhdo_health tracks your virus score through your genetics risks, environment (pollution around your address) and lifestyle.

There are many things that boost both your immune and cardio-respiratory system like vitamins C, D & E, NAC, lycopene, potassium and selenium. Also improving your gut microbiome through pre and probiotics

For those who lives in a high pollution area, the antioxidant sulforaphane from vegetables like broccoli helps detoxify you of the highly carcinogenic toxin benzene, which is released from car exhausts.

This client in particular was at high normal risk for lifestyle. In this case this caused by low activity levels and lack of vegetables in the her diet. She now does a minimum of 3 x 20 minute aerobic activity a week. On top of the right supplements, she now has wide variety of fruit and vegetables, which helps her gut health too. As eating 30 different plant based food sources on a weekly basis has been shown to improve the healthy bacteria in your gut microbiome.



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